Gallery North Fine Art


Mary Knox-Johnson’s children’s book ‘Thoughts from Pudge (A Philosophical Look at Life From a Dog’s Point of View)’ was illustrated by another member of the gallery, Marion Caroline Reil.

Mary has edited two mini-musicals, ‘Starquest’ and ‘Woven Yarns’ (both unpublished). She has had her work published in ‘Teaching Ideas for the Basic Communication Course, Volume 9’.

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The gallery also sells books written by other area authors:

Bill Kruger — ‘The Adventures of Jenny Q and Lily Longtail’; ‘Mr. Euchre and other Northwoods Fables’
Art Lee — ‘The Lutefisk Ghetto’, ‘Scandinavians Never Repeat Gossip…So Listen Carefully’; ‘Leftover Lutefisk’; ‘Leftover Lefse’
Deb McGregor-pfleger — ‘From Under a Dark Cloud’
Louis Marchand — ‘A History of the Rural Schools of Beltrami County’
Jerry Mevissen — ‘Nimrod Chronicles’; ‘Broken Hart’
Tim Pomp — ‘The Greatest Measure’
Joyce Pond — ‘Lost in the Corn’
Barbara Schlichting — ‘Red Shoes’
Beth Solheim — ‘At Witt’s End’ and ‘Outwitted’
Chuck Stone — ‘When I was a Kid’; ‘Looking North’
David C. Swenson — ‘A Miracle at Mercy Hospital’; ‘The Interfacers’
Scotty Delray Torgerson — ‘Jacob Goes to the Moon’
Robert Treuer — ‘Voyageur Country’