Gallery North Fine Art


All framed pictures are measured from the outside edges of the frame. Unframed prints of some of the original paintings are also available, as are some greeting cards of the prints. Contact the artist for availability.

The Old Masters perfected oil painting, and for centuries it was ‘the’ medium when people mentioned art work. The oils still intrigue many artists for the texture, workability, and longevity of the product.

Watercolor media allows for layers of transparent color and a great variety of techniques and styles, and allows for a fresh and vibrant use of color. Watercolor paintings are framed under glass.

Acrylic painting is known for its bright colors and can be painted completely opaque or diluted for transparency. Acrylic painting may be framed without glass or painted directly on a wrap-around canvas. Some artists use acrylic paints to paint on unique objects.

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